Gastric Bypass without the Surgery

What is the one diet plan you have seen work time and time again?  There is only one and the results are astounding.  I have seen people who are seriously overweight and those who are maybe 50 lbs. overweight loose it and keep it off by getting the gastric stomach bypass surgery.  Well now there a way to use the same principles that work for the people getting surgery but using a non-surgical method.  The Stomach Shrinker is the non-surgical bypass method helping folks lose the weight and keep it off.  Here is how it works:

The easiest way for me to explain how The Stomach Shrinker works is to tell you how it doesn’t work:

  • No hunger pains – in fact you will start by eating as much as you do now and you will eat less and less as your stomach shrinks using this method.
  • No crazy diet foods – you will eat anything you like and not have to spend money on any food you don’t currently eat.
  • No surgery required – this is a non-surgical method, getting the results of the expensive surgery with none of the side effects.
  • No calorie counting PHD required – you don’t need to know how many calories are in 3 table spoons of ranch dressing!  Who cares?  You can eat whatever you like with no guilt, period.
  • No fads – these techniques are common sense techniques that are approved by the USDA’s website and by doctors as the sensible way to lose weight.
  • No painful exercises – Forget sweating it out at the gym or at home on your living room floor, all the exercises are no more strenuous than walking.
  • No expensive pills or potions – we recommend cleanses and nutrition but it is just that, a recommendation.  This is a commonsense method not a miracle pill that you will have to buy to get the success of The Stomach Shrinker.
  • No expensive equipment to buy – again just like the above we do make recommendations from our experience but we make sure that we are not breaking your budget and nothing we recommend is necessary to achieve The Stomach Shrinker results.
  • No nonsense – as soon as you hear and understand how The Stomach Shrinker method works you will wonder why no one ever told you this before and you will understand why all the ways you have tried before haven’t worked.  Modeling what does work for others makes perfect sense and that is where The Stomach Shrinker’s non-surgical gastric bypass just makes sense.

So now that you know what The Stomach Shrinker is not let me tell you why it works and how it worked for me.  I lost 20 lbs in 20 days and I reached my ideal weight in 150 days.  These are the same results people have with the surgical methods well except the ideal weight thing.  I was only 45lbs. overweight and according to the governments website I was obese .  Losing all that weight didn’t cost me a dime.  I didn’t join a gym, I already owned the things I used for the exercise phases of the method.  I ate the food that the rest of my family was eating, no special diet foods were purchased or no restrictions applied.  And the best part was I ate pizza, icecream, even fast food.  Of course The Stomach Shrinker method made me do things differently but I was not deprived any foods, this method let me eat what everyone in my house was eating including cake.

What was also cool was having the governments website to make sure the method was safe.  I also had 2 doctors look at this method and they were only concerned that it was a well balanced diet, and it is, and the other concern is the number of calories was on in a dangerous range and I know that I am getting plenty of calories because I am eating more than what the recipients of the surgical bypass diet shown here were eating.

And the exercises were so simple that if you are able to walk then you can do them.  I bought no expensive equipment, I did no strenuous exercises and I didn’t starve myself.  I just followed 3 simple steps that were modeled from successful people who lost the weight and kept it off.

So what makes me a “Weight Loss Expert?”  I’m not!  I am a guy that has found a method that works and I am telling the world about it.  That’s it.  The results will speak for themselves.  That’s what the scientific method is about.  That is what modeling is about.  It’s about testing a method and measuring the results.  It’s about finding people who have had success and finding out how they did it, finding the common threads and testing the method again.

So try it for yourself, see if you are losing weight and dropping pounds and if you are hungry and tired of working out.  Then share your results, good or bad.  When you are skinny, maybe for the first time in your life, the proof will be enough.